Bgreenie Make The Earth Green Again
Bgreenie Make The Earth Green Again
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What is Bgreenie Private NFTreesBusiness?
Bgreenie is a unique digital and IRL opportunity that provides:
  1. Environmental Impact through building solar and wind farms.
  2. Financial Empowerment through real business opportunities to build assets.
  3. Blockchain Innovation for secure reward ownership, access and usage.
  4. Unique Business Model that delivers real value long term.
  5. Private Business Model that puts you in charge of your assets and future.
What will Bgreenie NFTs and Tokens be used for?
  1. Minting - The act of getting NFTrees onchain
  2. Re-Minting - The act of granting NFTrees to your team members
  3. Sub-Minting - The act of securing your ENS domain name(s)
  4. Stacking - The act of purchasing multiple NFTrees
  5. Staking - The act of putting your NFTrees and Smartseeds(points) to work
  6. Pooling - The act of bringing your assets together with purpose
  7. Earning - The act of generating rewards
  8. Trading - The act of changing one smartseed(points) for another
  9. Selling - The act of providing goods and services at a cost
  10. Gifting - The act of providing good and services at no cost
  11. Lending - The act of providing smartseeds(points) to those who need them
  12. Borrowing - The act of getting smartseeds(points) when you need them
  13. Exchanging - The act of trading one asset for another
  14. Building - The act of handling your business right
  15. Retirement - The act of long term success through asset accumulation

All actions listed above will be the exclusive domain of Bgreenie private NFTree hodlers.

While initialised on the public blockchain for security, all actions and use cases above will only be available to authorised Bgreenie Members and Owners.

Bgreenie is a private opportunity geared towards private business ownership and authorised owners, as such, offers no use case, or reason to buy to the general public. Only those with interest to become Bgreenie Private Owners should DYOR before buying.

While anyone may technically own Bgreenie Smartseeds(points), only Private Business owners and members can access rewards exclusively and privately.
How do I become a Bgreenie Private Business Owner?
Growth of Bgreenie Family is done exclusively through existing members and owners.
There is no direct access to the public available.
By Invitation only.
Why should I become a Bgreenie Private Business Owner?
  1. Be encouraged and encourage people to start building a long term business for themselves
  2. Be an important member of the team to bring power and waste transformation to countries
  3. Earn on your own terms, we provide the tools, you provide the time and effort
  4. Get started for free, then help people you know also get started for free
  5. Expand your business by expanding your assets, use your assets to grow rewards
  6. Help build solar and wind farms.
  7. Help build value for yourself and your family
  8. Help build people up and share valuable assets and rewards
  9. Each project releases rewards regularly, that you access with your private ownership proofs (NFT)
  10. Each NFT hold a unique # of tokens for long term rewards access and distribution to you
Is this hard?
No. If you can share, If you can learn, then you can earn long term. The Project is operated my many teams around the earth. You basic responsibility is to get started and help people do the same.
Over time and with greater knowledge and understanding of what we do, you can devote more time and effort to build your private business and create generational wealth for your children and family.
How do I get started?
Get invited by an existing Bgreenie private business owner. Make a commitment to financially empower people to make the earth green again and let's do the thing! (Registration opening soon)
Can I really become wealthy?
Yes. However it wont be by yourself, It will be by all of us working together to get solar, wind and waste transformation factories installed and operational. It will take all private owners sharing our opportunity far and wide so we can have the resources needed in order to build successfully.
It will take you devoting time to understand decentralized business ownership, and the power you have to own your own assets, free from any 3rd party interference or restrictions. Not even us!